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Real Ohio data for your Ohio students

Aug 17, 2023
Your students can practice the skills data scientists use as they examine real data from …

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Fighting food waste!

Aug 17, 2023
Did you know? The …

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Water quality

6 lessons

How does the production of corn affect water quality? How is water quality tested?

Growing Ohio

6 lessons

Why is corn a valuable crop? How does corn grow, pollinate, and produce kernels? What farming techniques are important to increase corn yield?

Did you know?

Edge-of-field testing is vital for environmental stewardship.

More than $1 million is being invested by Ohio’s agricultural organizations to conduct on-farm, edge-of-field testing to determine exactly how nutrients are getting into Ohio’s waterways.

Ethanol helps to produce cleaner air.

The use of fuels containing ethanol blends reduce toxic tailpipe emissions by up to 50%.

Ohio is the seventh leading producer of corn in the United States.

In 2021, Ohio’s farmers harvested over 1,437 hectares of corn. That’s about 154,677,393 square feet of corn!

The components of corn

A kernel of corn contains many nutrients, from water to carbohydrates. Investigate what makes up a kernel of corn.